Reevely: Zibi developers unhappy about Booth Street bike plans

0709-nbltz1The people behind the billion-dollar redevelopment of the Domtar industrial site in the Ottawa River are not at all happy with Ottawa’s decision to make the area hard to reach by bicycle.

The main way in and out will be Booth Street, which the city has decided will have no bike lanes, let alone separated bike tracks, because — follow this if you can — the city’s planners decided it’ll be safer to have cyclists leapfrogging in the road with buses and trucks there, contrary to its own policies. This is on a bridge over the new light-rail line that the city is building from scratch.

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The Council on Aging of Ottawa and Help for Mom

UntitledThis summer,The Council on Aging has partnered with Help for Mom, an organization that aims to assist and educate seniors on their housing options, and create housing plans that work best for the individuals themselves.

The Council on Aging of Ottawa and Help for Mom are looking for older adults ages 60-90 years to participate in a focus group where they can share insight and feedback on aging, lifestyle, housing and future eldercare planning. This may also include caregivers of any age, caring for an aging loved one.

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The Off Bank Community Garden is the newest garden in Ward 14!

Garden LogoLocated at 176 Nepean Street, Off Bank Community Garden will provide important greenspace, access to food, community space, and will contribute to a lively and vibrant street.

The garden is on private property owned by Richcraft and came out of a demolition control agreement. Richcraft agreed to allow the residents of Centretown to operate a community garden until the property is redeveloped. This the first time a community garden has been created through the demolition control process. It is also the second community garden downtown that will have in-ground planting (Nanny Goat Hill being the first). … Read more…

Somerset House Update

eastern-end-of-somerset-house-set-to-be-demolishedFor almost 10 years Somerset House has been in disrepair. I believe that, what should be an iconic building located at an important intersection in the heart of downtown is instead an eyesore. I am of the view that the owner has allowed the building to deteriorate to the point that a portion of it is beyond saving and must be demolished. This is, from my perspective, demolition by neglect.

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