Accessibility Advisory Committee supports wider sidewalks on Elgin Street

accessibility design standardsThe Accessibility Advisory Committee met on Tuesday, April 11 and passed a motion in support of wider of sidewalks on Elgin Street:

Whereas Elgin Street is scheduled for full reconstruction to begin in 2019 to replace aging underground infrastructure including watermain and sewer work;


Whereas the existing sidewalks on Elgin Street are substandard in width and do not comply with the City of Ottawa Accessibility Design Standards;

Be it resolved that the Accessibility Advisory Committee recommends Council to approve the city staff recommendations to widen the sidewalks on Elgin Street as part of the for the upcoming renewal works so that they comply with the City of Ottawa Accessibility Design Standards.

Highlights of the functional design for Elgin Street include:

  • Wider sidewalks on both sides of the street
  • Reduced number of travel lanes (down to two)
  • Enhanced street edge activity (pedestrians, parking, trees and bike racks) to help calm traffic
  • Flexibility to program parking / loading spaces for pedestrian use, outdoor patios or streetside spots
  • Improved bus stop waiting areas
  • General strategies to manage construction period disruption

The Elgin Street functional design report will be tabled at Transportation Committee in May 2017.