City’s street furniture trial has officially started

photo_2018-01-29_12_26_56_pmUpdate from the Public Works and Environmental Services Department concerning the Integrated Street Furniture Program:

What are we doing?

We are improving Ottawa’s streetscape. New benches and new waste/recycling containers – blue bin, black bin and garbage – will be installed city-wide over the next few years, replacing the existing mix of makes and models.

The program will bring greater comfort for residents and visitors, increased waste diversion and a more common look and feel.

Most areas will benefit from a standard bench and a garbage/recycling bin that has advertising on it. The furniture is supplied, serviced and managed by an external company. Bins and benches in the downtown core, on traditional mainstreets, as well as in Ottawa’s Business Improvement Areas will stay free from advertising. They will also look different. The City is responsible for providing and maintaining them. We are currently in the process of testing four pre-selected bins and eight benches.

Test sites

The furniture can be found at City Hall (Marion Dewar Plaza), on Main Street and at a third location that is yet to be determined. By spring 2018, staff will evaluate the display models based on various criteria, e.g. resistance against salt and/or snowplows, and finalize the options.

Full details here.