Parking enforcement blitz to clear bus and cycling lanes, and rush-hour routes

photo_0The City of Ottawa reminds motorists to abide by parking regulations and not to use or block bus, cycling or rush hour lanes. By-law & Regulatory Services will ticket and tow vehicles that are in violation of these parking regulations.

To improve traffic flow, the City will undertake an enforcement blitz that will focus on main arterial roads where cars may also be ticketed and towed to prevent illegal parking during rush hour. Enforcement is increasing to ensure public safety and efficient vehicular flow in high-traffic areas in the downtown core.

Motorists are not permitted to use bus-only lanes, even for short drop-offs or deliveries. These lanes are reserved for OC Transpo and emergency vehicles. The fine for stopping in a bus-only lane is $120. Bus-only lanes are clearly marked on the roadway with diamond shapes, defined white borders and signage.

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Hundreds protest in support of safe access to abortion clinics

leanne-parrish-along-with-many-pro-choice-supporters-met-a1On Wednesday evening, hundreds of people gathered at the Human Rights Monument on Elgin Street to show their support for abortion rights. 

The protest came after those at the Morgentaler abortion clinic on Bank Street had accused authorities of doing little to stop anti-choice demonstrators from constantly harassing and intimidating clients and staff members. The clinic’s director of operations, Shayna Hodson, told the Citizen that incidents such as verbal harassment and being spat on had been happening for years.

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Watson & McKenney ask lawyers to offer options for protection at Ottawa abortion clinics


Watson and Somerset Coun. Catherine McKenney submitted an inquiry to the city clerk and solicitor during the meeting asking for “legally enforceable options” to protect people from harassment, which has been documented outside the Morgentaler abortion clinic on Bank Street.

While other jurisdictions have created restrictions, Watson said they have been driven by provinces or court applications.

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