Downtown councillors ponder possibilities of steeper tax hike

DMX8EvKXcAAGYbLPublic consultation held to ask whether residents would tolerate an extra 1% tax increase

City councillors and residents from Ottawa’s five central wards spent Tuesday evening exploring the ways in which the city could spend extra tax dollars if the mayor and rest of council ever loosen their grip on the annual tax increase, currently capped at two per cent.

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Reevely: Opioid emergency prompts push for unapproved injection site

ZDrug users are dying while politicians fill out forms and wait for approvals for supervised injection sites, says a group promising to open a guerrilla injection tent of its own somewhere in Ottawa Friday.

Overdose Prevention Ottawa, which has only existed for a matter of days, is taking the delicate political compromises that have let harm-reduction efforts lurch forward here and kicking them aside. Because waiting is costing lives, the group says.

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The Off Bank Community Garden: Partnership pays off for developers and residents

IMG_5828-e1503354360661-560x385The Off Bank Community Garden, one building space east of Bank on Nepean, formally opened on June 4, after several phases of initial development starting in July 2016.

Members of the Trees and Greenspace Committee (T&G) of the Centretown Citizens Community Association (CCCA), and several of the gardeners, were joined by Kevin Yemm, vice president of land development for the Richcraft Group, and Councillor Catherine McKenney.

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